Homegrown free range organic pure pork sausages

Hi folks, it’s getting close to Xmas time again so we have been very busy getting our Xmas meat ready for the big rush.
We have now finished our next batch of homegrown free range organic pure pork sausages. And back by popular demand we have also made our old English sausage as well as the breakfast sausages too. The old English sausage has a beautiful old fashioned seasoning with a black pepper twist to it, absolutely fantastic on its own or a magic lift to toad in the hole. The famous breakfast sausage is superb as an accompaniment to any fry up or as it is such an amazing sausage it will lend itself to any recipe as it is a mild old fashioned sausage with a real porky meaty taste.
We are selling these as vac-packed bags of 6 and they are anything between 450grm to 700grm per bag. The cost is still an unbelievably low price for this quality at 10.00 euros per kilo certainly won’t brake the bank for Xmas….just remember when they are gone they are gone, so no crying if you miss out….
We also have free-range, home grown, organic bronze turkeys that will be ready for Xmas they are amazing turkeys as single breasted (no need to carve round the wishbone ) if anyone has tasted these birds at our Xmas party you will know what we are talking about. Superb birds.
Can’t tell you weights yet as still wondering around our land at the moment, will be killing them off very close to xmas, if you want one order now to avoid disappointment. We will be selling them off at 13.50 euros per kilo. You will also get the heart,liver and neck for the most amazing gravy and stock. Anybody wants to come and see them for themselves just message me ( a bit like try before you buy…lol )
Speak soon folks. …..

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